Tax filing should be an organic and personalized process for each individual or business. Our preparers are registered with the IRS and comply annually with the continuing education requirements mandated by law.

We can determine the obligation to file a tax return, based on the level of income or immigration status. We are IRS Certified Agents and can process ITINs without the need to send the passport to an IRS office.

Additionally, we can review or amend your taxes from previous years. Our goal is to offer a comprehensive service. At Tax Advisors of Florida LLC we are able to offer you the best professional advice available in the market. We have highly qualified professionals and state of the art technology and software.


A correct accounting system is the basis on which financial and tax decisions should be based. Tax Advisors of Florida LLC offers you the possibility of keeping monthly accounting records in order to have real time knowledge of the operation of your company. Consequently, you will be able to make decisions based on financial reality, have estimates of taxes to be paid or make provisions for tax payments.

Financial Advisory

Our specialists are trained to help new entrepreneurs to have an integral vision of their project. Planning the start-up and development of the business, making provisions for taxes and future investments.

We also analyze the sales figures, costs and expenses of your business or personal finances and create strategies to obtain a better return on resources.

Buying a home

Buying a home is one of the most important life projects an individual or family can undertake. Our exclusive program, A Possible Dream, helps you understand the process of entering the federal homeownership system.

It is not just a tool to determine statistical values, but a program created so that you can understand how the mortgage system works, make a planning adapted to your family's financial structure and complete each of the requirements demanded by law.

Obtaining credit to purchase your home is a complex process that involves many variables. Possible Dream's goal is to make this process as smooth as possible. We invite you to learn more in our Seminar.

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You are one step away from the best accounting service solution.

Our goals are diverse, the most important is to offer our clients a comprehensive and personalized service supported by a direct relationship. We were pleased to guide our efforts in guiding everyone to set goals and exceed them.


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Business Registration

The state of Florida is one of the most demanded places to establish a business in the United States. We specialize in guiding new entrepreneurs and advising established businesses.

It can be confusing to determine the right type of entity for your business. We understand the differences between LLC, CORP, DBA, S-CORP or any of the other entities available in the state and help you determine the right choice for your project.
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About us

Your benefit is our starting point


Guide entrepreneurs, facilitate access to information and simplify procedures, so that the effort is concentrated on starting or consolidating the business and not on administrative tasks.


To be an accounting and tax reference in the industry, providing experience and knowledge as value. Guiding our clients, providing the necessary information to obtain positive results.



29 years of experience in accounting work allow us to affirm that business knowledge is the support where we sustain our service.


Honesty and communication with our clients allow us to establish a solid commercial relationship, where good faith prevails and the certainty of suggesting the best way to achieve the goals, always within the legal framework.


In today's world, time is invaluable. Technological advances allow us to shorten distances and execution times. In this sense, we are at the forefront of computer systems to facilitate the work of our clients and help keep operating costs as low as possible.

Value for money

The efficiency in the processes, the dedication of our staff, the use of state-of-the-art technology and the collaboration with strategic partners allow us to keep our cost structure at very low levels, which allows us to offer our clients very low prices. competitive, guaranteeing a Cost-Value relationship that surpasses most of our competitors.



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